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Newcomers Guide to Ontario

New definition of age of dependants now in foce - November 2017

Further Implementation of Changes to the Citizenship Act - October 2017

Changes to ESDC Policy on LMIA Recruitment Requirements - August 2017

Enhanced Security Measures to the USA - August 2017

CBSA Flagpole Changes - June 2017

Global Skills Strategy - June 2017

Update to the OINP - June 2017

New Changes to Express Entry - April 2017

Tips for Snowbirds - March 2017

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Bulletin - February 2017

New Immigration Faces - January 2017

Recent Announcements on Family Reunification - December 2016

Important Travel Updates before the Holiday Season - December 2016

Rules for Express Entry Change - November 2016

News Flash and Quick Updates - November 2016

Proposed Reforms to the TFWP - September 2016

eTA Update - September 2016

Changes to LMIA Criteria for Variations to Minimum Advertising for the Owner/Operator Category - September 2016

Visa-Free Travel to Canada for Citizens of Mexico Effective December 1, 2016 - June 2016

New LMIA Exemption Code C16 - Mobilite francophone - June 2016

Upcoming Changes to the Citizenship Act and eTA Requirement Date - May 2016

Many Caught Unprepared by New Primary Inspection Tools - April 2016

Work Permit for Essential Positions in Film or TV Productions - February 2016

Changes to Visa Requirements for Citizens of Brazil Mexico Bulgaria and Romania - February 2016

Corporate Immigration Law Firm Opens Ottawa Office - February 2016

New Employer Obligations and Consequences of Failure to Comply with the TFWP and IMP - January 2016

New Ontario Immigrant Economic Streams for Corporations and Entrepreneurs - December 2015

New Immigration Minister, New Immigration Mandate - December 2015

New Consequences for Employers Who Fail to Comply (Updated) - November 2015

Bulletin - New Entry Requirements for Citizens of Visa-Exempt Countries - October 2015

New Consequences for Employers Who Fail to Comply - September 2015

Bulletin - Electronic Travel Authorization - August 2015

Introduction of the Employer Compliance System and New Fees - February 2015

10 Things Employers and Applicants Need to Know About Express Entry - January 2015

Express Entry - What We Know So Far - October 2014

Off Campus Work Permits - July 2014

Understanding the New Temporary Foreign Worker Rules - June 2014

Overhauling the Temporary Foreign Worker Program - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - June 2014

New Guidelines for Intra-Company Transferee Applications - June 2014

More Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program - The Post Grad LMO - June 2014

Proposed Changes to the Citizenship Act Coming Soon - May 2014

Applications for Permanent Residence - The Time to File is Now - April 2014

Breaking the Rules - Cause and Consequence - April 2014

NEXUS Program - An Overiew - March 2014

The Importance of Physical Residence in Canada - March 2014

February Immigration Update - February 2014

Recent Changes to Canadian Immigration Laws and Policy - and More Changes to Come - December 2013

Changes to the Canadian Experience Class - November 2013

New and Onerous Requirements for LMO Applications - August 2013

New Time Cap Provisions for Intra-Company Transferees - September 2011

Tough New Regime Temporary Foreign Workers Regulations - April 2011

US Travel Updates for Jan 2010 Air Travel to the US... The New Reality - January 2010

Dismissed Foreign Workers - A Few Key Points - May 2009

Post-Graduation Work Permit Holders Now Eligible for OHIP - April 2009

Changes to Post Graduation Work Permit Program/OHIP Eligibility - June 2008

USA to Implement Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) - June 2008

Employers Beware the Off-Campus Work Permit Program - September 2008

Nexus - High-Tech, Troublefree Entry to the U.S. or Permanent exclusion from the United States - June 2007

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