Trusted, Reputable, Ethical, Effective

Our goal is to maintain and expand our excellent reputation with our clients, the legal community and with government and to continue to provide personalized services that enhance our clients' experience in the complex and often intimidating immigration environment.

We achieve this by providing personalized, customized immigration strategies and services to ensure cost-effective and successful immigration related applications using our experienced team for maximum efficiency.

Our view is that retaining a law firm to secure a visa, work permit, study permit, permanent resident status, or citizenship should not be like purchasing a commodity.  We provide professional legal services, which to us means we are here to serve you, your family, or your employee, as the case may be, with regard to the very important experience of legally migrating to another country.
We strive to add value to the application process by:


  • Providing projected plans and strategies to reduce the need for, and costs of, work permit and temporary document extensions while providing a path to permanent resident status and eventually, citizenship where required.
  • We consider important medical and criminal inadmissibility issues, processing times, processing fees, various immigration categories and options that may impact a client's case.
  • Considering issues for our corporate and individual clients that others do not even think about.
  • We develop immigration strategies that limit liability and protect the reputation of the corporation while presenting strong applications to immigration authorities that increase the chances of success even while government rules, regulations and policies are making it more difficult to hire foreign workers.  
  • Providing frank and honest advice in order to manage client expectations and ensure that those expectations are realistic.
  • We ensure our corporate clients are aware of the compliance requirements they must meet.
  • We view each and every case as unique. From the outset, we review each client's particular case to devise the most efficient and cost-effective strategy that will assist our clients in securing their desired immigration status.
  • Dealing with the principal applicant and their dependent family members to reduce the stress of an international move and to ensure all family members are considered and that their needs are met.  This includes work permits for the spouse and teenage children, study permits where required for children 18 years of age and over and status documents for minor children.
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